2022 Subaru BRZ Owners Manual - Interior Lights

Interior Lights

When leaving your vehicle, make sure the lights are turned off to avoid battery discharge.

Map Lights

Map light switches

To turn on the map light, press the lens.
To turn it off, press the lens again.

Door interlock switch

1) Door interlock switch

The door interlock switch has the following positions.
OFF: The map lights do not illuminate automatically in conjunction with a door opening. However, the lights can be turned on manually by pressing the map light lens.

DOOR: The map lights illuminate automatically when any of the doors (other than the trunk lid) is opened even while the map light is off. Several seconds after all of the doors (other than the trunk lid) are closed, the map lights gradually turn off. For details, refer to "OFF Delay Timer".

OFF Delay Timer

The following lights have an automatic illumination function.

  • Map lights
  • Trunk

When the interior light switch is set to the “DOOR” position, the light will automatically turn on and off depending on the locking and unlocking of the doors, the opening and closing of the doors, as well as the position of the ignition switch.

The setting for the period of time in which the lights remain on (OFF delay timer) can be changed by a SUBARU dealer. Contact your SUBARU dealer for details. Also, the setting can be changed by operating the center information display. For details, refer to "Car settings".